Linda Basilice-Hoerrner (Stribling at Compass)

“Neil Garfinkel is the best legal resource to understand the nuances of all aspects of the laws regulating our industry. He is informative, interesting and we are so fortunate to have such a valued resource.“

Bruce Robertson (Compass)

“Great content presented by a terrific teacher. New insights into Agency Disclosure application, and Fair Housing update.“

Jeffrey Long (Highline Residential):

“As someone new to the industry and NYC it was very informative. Regardless of how long someone has practiced, ensuring we are operating by standards consistent with legal and ethical standards is of the utmost importance. That is why I will be recommending this seminar and the toolbox to fellow agents/brokers.”

Michael Scalisi (Nest Seekers)

“Neil Garfinkel is an interesting, inspirational guy. I learned a great deal and I was engaged and inspired by his ability to communicate a lot of concepts within the time frame.”

Irene Sarri (Keller Williams NYC)

“Neil Garfinkel, the lecturer of this class was simply amazing. A class that kept the audience captivated and we walked away with a ton of information that we need every day.”

Bill Kowalczuk

“It was very informative, it was a great refresher as well as letting me know I didn’t know all that I thought. It’s necessary.“