Neil Garfinkel is quoted in an article by Amy Hoak in MarketWatch, Wall Street Journal, The Realtor – “Sleepover Showings”

An excerpt appears below:

But structuring a short-term contract to give the home a test-drive probably wouldn’t be that difficult to do, said Neil Garfinkel, a real estate attorney and partner with the New York-based firm of Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson. As long as homeowners have sufficient coverage under their home insurance policies, there shouldn’t be an issue, he added.

“My first phone call would be to my insurance company,” he said. “The second would be to my attorney, who could help structure the transaction.” If the home is in a condo or co-op building, it’s also important to check with the homeowners association to make sure it’s OK; some associations have rental restrictions, he pointed out.


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