Who we are:

Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson, LLP is a full-service national law firm dedicated to smart, practical and cost-effective counsel. With real estate lawyers in New York City and Los Angeles, we can provide services to clients across the country.

What we do:

Purchase Closing Process

  1. Due diligence: review of board minutes, building financials, offering plan and other important documents
  2. Negotiation of contract of sale
  3. Title and lien search
  4. Coordination of loan commitment
  5. Preparation for closing
  6. Attendance at closing, review and execution of closing documents
  7. Post-Closing file delivery

Sale Closing Process

  1. Preparation and negotiation of contract of sale
  2. Title and lien review/clearance
  3. Coordination of payoff information
  4. Preparation for closing
  5. Attendance at closing, review and execution of closing documents
  6. Post-Closing file delivery

How we work:

  • We work as a team and are therefore available to our clients 24/7. Our overriding mission is based on “respurgency”, the combined qualities of being immediately responsive and taking all actions necessary with a sense of urgency. Although there are things we cannot control, our responsiveness, professionalism and knowledge are things we can.
  • Purchasing a home should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience! From the moment we receive a file, we guide our clients and strive to create a smooth, non-adversarial transaction.