Cindy Abrams

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After consulting with AGMB on a number of marketing projects, Ms. Abrams joined the firm in 2015 as the Director of Marketing.

With a background in international sales and marketing, Ms. Abrams brings to AGMB the ability to coordinate the various AGMB practice areas into a strong corporate brand.

Ms. Abrams served as Director of Marketing for Egana watches, USA- US subsidiary of publicly traded watch and Jewelry manufacturer Egana International Holdings. She worked to develop licensed products for international brands in watch and jewelry markets (Esprit, Nicole Miller, Kai Yi Lo). She hired and led the teams that produced Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising campaigns for Egana’s watch and jewelry products.

At Hamilton Watch, Ms. Abrams administered and developed international sales and marketing campaigns for Hamilton watches sold to international distributors. She directly reported to SMH board member (now known as publicly traded Swatch Group., a diversified multinational holding company and the world’s largest watchmaking group.) Ms. Abrams worked with the international and US sales force to build market support, brand positioning and brand identity.

Ms. Abrams has extensive experience in fundraising and leadership in non-profit organizations within the educational sphere. She was a Member of multi-disciplinary team that led the conversion of a Los Angeles public school to a district-affiliated charter. She worked on the charter application; elected to Governance Council for two terms and served as co-Chair; volunteered in several capacities and on committees such as hiring committee, by-laws committee, and enrichment programs.

Ms. Abrams also served as the President of the parent group (PFC) Parents for Carpenter at the Elementary level where she oversaw a staff of six specialists that administered music, physical education, science lab, dance, teacher support and administrative functions. She worked closely with the school principal and staff to enact programs and support in all areas of student development. During her tenure, she managed and increased fundraising for a budget in excess of $500,000 per year.

She served as President of the Friends of the Humanities Academy (FOHA) at Walter Reed Middle School and currently volunteers her time on the Campbell Hall High School Outreach committee.

  • University of Michigan Bachelor of Arts, 1987
  • Consulting Marketing and Sales
  • Egana Watches Director of Marketing
  • Hamilton Watches- International Sales and Marketing
  • Swatch Watch USA- Special Market Sales