AGMB works with clients to protect their intellectual property assets. These assets may be logos, marketing materials, business plans, or methods of operating. We help artists and writers protect works of art, screenplays, novels and other original creations.
We have extensive experience navigating the state and federal intellectual property laws and can advise clients on the filing of appropriate documents to protect valuable assets, and assist clients in the development of Intellectual Property Protection Plans.

An Intellectual Property Protection Plan might include policies and procedures for:

  • Trade Secret protection for customer lists, formulas, patterns, techniques or processes
  • Copyright Registration and maintenance for written, graphic, or other artistic works
  • Trademark Registration and maintenance for distinctive business names, product names, logos, tag- lines or company phrases
  • Domain Name registration and maintenance

An Intellectual Property Protection Plan may also include the development and implementation of entry and exit strategies for employees, including use of confidentiality and non-competition agreements, and guidelines for a company’s presentation to outside groups.

The firm assesses a client’s licensing needs; negotiates, drafts and maintains documents such as licensing agreements, nondisclosure agreements, and non-compete agreements; and provides advice in evaluating the manner in which licensees may use a client’s intellectual property. In the event that intellectual property infringements occur, we draft cease and desist communications, advise clients as to their litigation options, and consult with litigation counsel. Finally, we work with clients to evaluate and protect the intellectual property issues in all areas of practice.