AGMB recognizes the importance of comprehensive counsel in the area of trusts and estates. The firm represents our clients in all aspects and types of planning and implementation, including the following:

  • Will Preparation

  • Trust Formation for:

    • Family Planning

    • Asset Protection

  • Estate Probate

  • Trust Administration

Our attorneys are knowledgeable in the areas of family planning, as well as strategic tax planning, so that we can design plans based on the desires of our clients while being mindful of potential tax implications.

In most routine scenarios, our attorneys are able to advise clients on simple estate plans to help prevent costly and time-consuming post-mortem legal issues. This includes the drafting of wills, family trusts, powers of attorney, health care directives, and living wills. We also advise on more complicated estate planning matters because we understand that life is not always so simple.

Our attorneys carry a wide breadth of knowledge and experience that allows them to advise clients dealing with a variety of estate and tax issues, including but not limited to the following: estate tax motivated asset planning, and tax planning for life insurance and charitable trusts. We also prepare estate and gift tax returns.

At AGMB, we understand that our clients’ wishes and needs must be communicated and represented by qualified and informed legal and tax counsel. AGMB offers counsel with a goal of professionally and effectively addressing our clients’ goals, while also maximizing and preserving the wealth of our clients, their families, and their closely held businesses.