Dynamic Legal Representation for Sports and Entertainment Professionals

Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson (AGMB), LLP handles the sophisticated needs of its entertainment law and media clients in all aspects of the entertainment industries: motion picture; television (scripted and unscripted/reality); music publishing and recording; book publishing; theater; web; mobile, and other “new media.” AGMB represents writers, actors, directors, producers, production companies, distributors, sales agents, financiers, animators, authors, and journalists. The firm’s entertainment lawyers have substantial experience in handling finance, acquisition, development, production, and distribution deals for motion picture, television and new media projects. In addition to deal-making, AGMB also handles entertainment litigation and dispute resolution.

AGMB lawyers advise and assist entertainment law clients in connection with entity formation, private placement offerings, issuance and sale of equity interests, debt finance instruments (including loans secured by distribution guarantees or pre-sales), tax credit monetization and grants, product placement/brand integration, and compliance with federal and state securities laws.

AGMB frequently serves as production counsel for motion picture, television and new media projects. Production legal services include structuring, negotiating, and drafting talent and key crew deals, location agreements, all forms of releases, option and acquisition agreements, music licensing agreements, and many other customary production agreements. Attorneys also oversee clients’ relations with guilds and unions, including SAG, WGA, DGA, and IATSE.

The firm’s entertainment law services encompass all matters relating to the exploitation of clients’ properties, for example structuring, negotiating, and drafting motion picture distribution deals with domestic and international studios, home video distributors, video-on-demand platforms, and streaming platforms, as well as negotiating sales agent agreements.

AGMB represents musicians, songwriters, and bands and understands the specialized needs of clients in the music industry. AGMB’s attorneys negotiate recording agreements, songwriting and publishing agreements, music synchronization and master use licenses, 360 deals, production deals, and the like.

The law firm is engaged by all types of companies and individuals in the entertainment industry to protect their interests and intellectual property, including management companies and agencies, writers, directors and producers. AGMB also assists client with non-entertainment legal matters in a wide variety of business and litigation areas.

AGMB’s trial attorneys are frequently called upon to enforce or defend the rights of our entertainment and media clients in state and federal court, arbitration, and other dispute resolution forums. We are engaged in connection with disputes involving producers, investors, distributors, actors, directors, writers, recording artists, record labels, content providers and others. The types of cases our attorneys have worked on include copyright, trademark, right to publicity, fraud, corporate and securities, unfair competition, breach of contract and licensing.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact our Los Angeles entertainment lawyers at 310-300-2901, our New York City entertainment lawyers at 212-201-1170.


In addition to representing entertainment industry clients, AGMB is also adept at handling the unique needs of athletes in the highly competitive arena of professional sports.

In addition to providing professional athletes with legal representation, AGMB also provides athletes with career, financial, tax and estate planning, as well as complete business management services. We draft and negotiate agreements and maximize endorsement opportunities.

We pride ourselves on forming relationships with athletes that will endure well beyond their athletic careers.