The AGMB Difference

There are a number of significant “value-added services” AGMB provides as pay-off counsel which differentiate AGMB from other service providers. These are briefly summarized here as follows:

Experience and Expertise

AGMB has acted in the capacity of pay-off counsel to numerous lenders for over 21 years. In this capacity, AGMB closes approximately 2,500 pay-off transactions annually. AGMB is extremely proud of its closing record and its vast and unparalleled knowledge of the pay-off process and the various servicing platforms utilized by lenders. This experience often results in the closing of a transaction closing which might not otherwise have been possible.

Ability to Execute – Volume Fluctuations

The ability to absorb and react to high and low levels of pay-off volume is an integral part of AGMB’s successful representation of its lender clients. Pay-off volume fluctuates with the ever changing residential real estate market. We believe that our ability to handle large swings in pay-off volume is demonstrative of our scalable infrastructure and our overall ability to handle virtually any and all pay-off business on an as-needed basis. It also signifies the importance of our commitment to endure slower pay-off periods while maintaining the highest levels of customer service and excellence.


AGMB attributes a significant portion of its success in representing lenders to its extensive relationships. Over the years, AGMB has forged very strong relationships with many participants in the residential real estate business. These participants include attorneys, title companies, settlement companies and co-op managing agents. AGMB is very proud of these relationships and that AGMB is viewed as a trusted facilitator on behalf of its clients. These relationships also tend to make pay-off transaction flow more favorably.


AGMB provides the latest in leading-edge technology to its personnel affording them the tools they need to effectively manage their work. AGMB also utilizes a dynamic and proprietary software program known as “Payoff Express” to support its pay-off platform for the benefit of third party requestors.