Provides Balance Between Sales and Marketing and Compliance and Risk Mitigation

Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson, LLP (AGMB) has announced that the firm is offering the BEST (Balance Equals Success for your Team) program, which is designed to foster the growth and success of real estate brokers and their agents, while also protecting commissions and avoiding lawsuits, intervention from regulators, and consumer complaints.

AGMB works with real estate brokerages (and their managers, in-house attorneys, and agents) in a collaborative fashion to create an all-encompassing program which focuses on balancing and integrating a real estate broker’s marketing and sales platforms with proven risk mitigation and compliance strategies and techniques.

As part of the program, AGMB will provide direct legal advice to the real estate brokerage and the company’s agents through AGMB Legal Hotline, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is ideal for managers who are overwhelmed with the need to support their agents and answer many complicated, complex questions and scenarios.

As part of the BEST program, the firm offers continuing education classes through its AGMB Training Center, Ltd. These training sessions cover various topics, including the Fair Housing, regulations regarding advertising and marketing materials, code of ethics, 1031 exchanges, conducting due diligence and more.

One of the challenges real estate brokers and agents face is keeping up with changes in federal, state and local laws and regulations. In the case of fair housing laws, real estate agents may find themselves in violation of the law not because they intend to discriminate but because they are unaware of these regulations. Failure to stay abreast of laws and regulations may result in damaging legal action.

“The BEST program will help real estate brokers and their agents succeed by assisting them in closing more sales, while complying with the latest rules and regulations in the industry,” says Neil Garfinkel, Managing Partner, AGMB. “Our goal is to balance the compliance practice with the sales and marketing.”

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