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Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson, LLP (AGMB) presents this Privacy Policy to explain how AGMB may use or disclose personally identifying information collected through the activity on this website, (Site).

This Privacy Policy does not apply to any private, confidential, or personal information provided to AGMB in the course of any current or prior established attorney-client relationships which are protected the attorney-client privilege, the attorney work product doctrine or any other applicable protection. This Privacy Policy should not be construed to create an attorney-client relationship with this website’s visitors. Any communications to or with AGMB or affiliates through the use of this website never constitutes an attorney-client privileged relationship. Therefore, any volunteered information provided in this manner is not restricted by the confidentiality laws. AGMB reserves the right to use or disclose any such information that has been electronically submitted at any time to AGMB employees or attorneys, though this right is not actively executed (see below). With respect to this Privacy Policy and your information’s ultimate safety, do not submit any information over the Internet or through this Site that you intend to remain completely private or confidential.

AGMB may use website cookies or similar tools to collect non-personally identifying information about visitors to our Website for certain analytics or performance evaluations. A cookie is data stored on a visitor’s hard drive containing information about the visitor’s technology or region, but at no time are these linked to any personally identifying information. Depending on your Internet settings, the cookies may be deleted, though many web browsers automatically accept cookies by default yet contain an option for you to turn off the cookie acceptance if you prefer.

AGMB is also authorized and may choose to use other types of marketing or technological tools to collect aggregated data about visitors to our Website, to analyze trends or to track movement throughout our Website. This aggregated data is never linked to your personal information or identity and is securely stored and encrypted. Furthermore, no part of your browsing data is ever used by or distributed to any third parties or affiliates of AGMB.

AGMB automatically collects general information about the way in which you use this Site, primarily: the time, duration, or frequency of your visit(s), the web browser of access, the type of operating system your device is using, your IP address, your MAC address, the external websites used to link to AGMB. AGMB also may note whether and how you use the Site by recording Site traffic patterns and record your clicks. AGMB may use this information to identify and quantify areas of interest in AGMB’s firm and to improve and refine the Site.

If you choose to provide us with personal information about yourself, either through a form on AGMB’s Site or by sending us a message or e-mail, AGMB reserves the right to collect information about that message and use any provided information to contact you directly and/or send you additional information. AGMB does not use any personally identifiable information for profit and does not provide this confidential information to any third parties. If personal information is volunteered by the Site’s visitor, AGMB still reserves the right to share any aspect of the information with AGMB related entities or with third parties only connected with or involved with AGMB’s marketing activities.

Maintenance or routine operations which keeps AGMB’s Site running may require the transference of aggregated or user-volunteered data between user stations or server locations, over a secured network. Any of this data, which can include though is not limited to any personally identifying information, can be used or submitted by AGMB to the proper authorities only if required by law or if requested through official government documentation.

AGMB maintains security involving different crucial and effective precautions in fighting modernized malwares, viruses, worms, or the like. AGMB believes this security system is sufficient in protecting or securing temporary, limited or permanently recorded personal identifying information that is disclosed to AGMB by visiting this Site. However, AGMB does not guarantee that AGMB’s implemented network securities will protect against any or all network threats at all times, and AGMB adamantly does not accept responsibility or liability for so claimed loss, misuse, or misrepresentation of your information caused by network threats.

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