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The easier way to handle your Mortgage and Pay-Off Documents

  • If you require documents for a Mortgage Assignment, click on Assignment Forms below. 
  • For CO-OP PAY-OFF, click on CO-OP Bank Forms below. 
  • Fill out the form for the selected lender. Note that the fields marked with the red asterisk must be filled out in order to proceed and submit the form.
  • When you reach the bottom of the form, follow the instructions and use your mouse to provide your signature.
  • Check the box that appears next to the words “I am not a robot.” Click “Submit.” 

Assignment Forms

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Co-Op Bank Forms

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Please take note that there are certain lenders which do not permit us to identify them on our list of lenders.
Accordingly, if you do not see the name of the lender you need assistance with for an assignment or payoff here, please send us an email at POE1@AGMBLAW.COM, and we will promptly advise if we can assist with the file.