Neil Garfinkel Interviewed by the New York Times

Firm Partner Neil Garfinkel was recently interviewed by the New York Times for its article “New York Today: Is My Broker Legit?” Mr. Garfinkel stated that when looking to hire a broker individuals should expect a contract detailing the broker’s fee and under what... read more

Barry Margolis Quoted in Brick Underground

Firm Partner Barry Margolis was recently quoted in Brick Underground’s article on a new ruling that may affect how condominium boards can eject badly behaved apartment owners. Mr. Margolis stated that the recent ruling “highlighted a strategy that could be used, and... read more

Neil Garfinkel Quoted in DNAInfo

Firm Partner Neil Garfinkel was recently quoted in a DNAInfo article on how mortgage-rate increases could affect New York City real estate. Mr. Garfinkel advised buyers to set a realistic purchase price and have their team ready — real estate broker, attorney,... read more